Thursday, November 17, 2016

1,283 Reasons to Believe

Overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed by a God who sees me, who heals me, who loves me. I am overwhelmed by family and friends who have spent four years praying for me, supporting me,  and at times carrying me. I am overwhelmed by doctors, nurses, technology, and medicine that God has used to diagnose me, treat me, heal me. I am overwhelmed by grace, mercy, and provision.

On the darkest days God has been good. His goodness on dark days is as bright as his goodness on days like today when I receive news that my scans are clear. I have learned more about God's goodness in the dark than I did in years of walking in the light. I have one thousand, two hundred and eighty-three reasons to believe! It has been that many days since I was declared NED-- No Evidence of Disease. Each new day is one more reminder of why I can believe in healing, why I can believe in second chances, why I can believe in a God who has a plan for my good.

Today is a joyful day. Not because I got a good medical report but because regardless of any report God is in control. Today is joyful not because of good news but because God uses ALL things for my good!  It is amazingly freeing to know that I can rely on that. This journey has taught me the difference between happiness and joy. I am happy I got good news today, but the real blessing is the joy I have even when bad news comes. I wouldn't trade that for anything. 

I have...
1,283 reasons to believe in hope,
1,283 reasons to believe in healing,
1,283 reasons to believe in God's power,
1,283 reasons to believe in the goodness of people,
1,283 reasons to believe in miracles,
1,283 reasons to believe in mercy,
1,283 reasons to believe in joy,
1,283 reasons to believe in kindness,
1,283 reasons to believe in tomorrow,
1,283 reasons to believe in love,
1,283 reasons to believe there is a God.

Tomorrow I will have 1,284...and then some!

Thank you, Father!


  1. This blog has really inspired me and made me feel I am not alone. I just had a huge tumor removed from my chest tagged as a stage 2 thymoma. I had no symptoms what so ever and it was found by a CT I had as a preventative me assure for heart disease which runs in my father's family. I am 3 weeks out of surgery where 100% of it was completely removed. I am now on the journey you have been on for quite some time. This year has been a doozie for me with my mom passing away and now this. I do beleive God is using these trying times to bring me closer to Him and to further extend his kingdom and glory. Please keep posting awesome messages of faith and recovery on your journey. There are more of us out there. We will find each other.

    1. I am so grateful that this meant something to you!! It is scary when you feel isolated! Are you a part of our facebook group? It has been so helpful to me!! How is your recovery going?