Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Want Less

I Want Less
by Anna Masten Jackson

I want less...
Less busy, more stillness.
Less worry, more peace.
Less pride, more humility.
Less desire, more satisfaction.
Less controlling, more releasing.
Less planning, more enjoying.
Less sitting, more moving.
Less complaining, more thankfulness.
Less stress, more rest.
Less judging, more grace.
Less anger, more forgiveness.
Less justification, more justice.
Less selfishness, more generosity.
Less technology, more relationship.
Less discouragement, more cheering.
Less doubt, more belief.
Less arguing, more understanding.
Less Facebook, more Bible.
Less fast food, more dinner.
Less deception, more trust.
Less silence, more communication.
Less brokenness, more healing.
Less indoors, more back porch .
Less hate, more love.
Less anxiety, more joy.
Less frustration, more patience.
Less faux, more genuine.
Less stuff, more time.
Less pity, more kindness.
Less talk, more action.
Less doubt, more hope.
Less fear, more faith.
Less negativity, more blessings.
Less talk, more listening.
Less sinfulness, more goodness.
Less abrasive, more gentleness.
Less of me, more of God.

John 3:30

Our world is all about more, more, more. As our thirst for more has increased the quality of life and happiness seems to have decreased. What if we have more when we have less? What is your list of less?

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