Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Glimmer of the Lights

What is it about sitting in the glow of Christmas lights that brings peace to my soul? Regardless of the pace at work; the hustle of activities; the stress and worries of the day; my heart beats slower, my breaths are deeper, and my mind is calmed by the glimmer of the lights. Maybe it is because the glimmer of the lights reminds me of a glimmer of hope. Hope for the future. Hope for the present. Hope built upon the source of the light.

Many will argue that the Christmas tree is a pagan symbol, and perhaps that is where the tradition began, but in my home the tree is a reminder of new life, of sacrifice, and of hope. We put it up as a reminder of the birth of Christ, who sacrificed himself upon a tree so that we, so that YOU, could have new life. The lights that we string around it... okay, let me be honest, the pre-lit branches, remind me of the light that he brought into this world by hanging upon a tree for my sin. In my mind, each light upon my tree represents one of the many promises he made regarding me. Never in my life have those lights, or promises, been more real and meaningful. I have experienced God this year in a way like no other. I have seen His faithfulness. I have felt His presence. I have heard Him sing over me at night. The lights are gentle reminders of all He has done for me and all He promises for my future. They are a reminder of hope.

This Christmas, as you sit in the light of the tree, I hope you will find peace. I hope you will be reminded of the Christ child who was born to save us. I hope the tree will remind you not only of His birth, but of his sacrifice. May the glimmer of the lights remind you of the hope we have because of His life and death, and of all the promises He makes to His children. His light is the source of my peace.

Find peace in the glimmer of the lights.

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