Sunday, October 27, 2013

Don't Be Afraid, Just Believe

When I first started running I wondered how long and far did  you have to run before you could say you were a runner. I decided, "Shoot, if I make it to the end of the block, I am a runner." So I made it to the end of the block, soon a mile, then two, then three, then four...It seemed so hard in the beginning, but the more I did it, the more natural it became. I was afraid I couldn't do it at first. I had never even liked running, but each day I put on my shoes and went. Before long I even dreamed about running. A runner I was.

When I first found out about The Nuisance (the "C" word that shall not be named, for those new to my world) I wondered, "How long until I am considered a survivor?" I decided the rules of running applied. Each minute I live, I am a survivor. I quickly got online and ordered a bracelet deeming it so. I had it stamped with the word survivor and the scripture reference Mark 5:36 which says,  "Don't be afraid, just believe." 

You know, my days are no more numbered than they were before I started this process. None of us are promised tomorrow. We just make the assumption it will be there.  I wonder, how many times do we think, I will start running tomorrow. I will start spending time with people I love tomorrow. I won't work as long tomorrow. I will start being healthier tomorrow.  And how many things do we never start because we don't really think we can do them? We are afraid...and we don't believe.

 What title have you not claimed yet? "Don't be afraid, just believe." The moment you start living  like a great parent, you are a great parent. The minute you act like a loving spouse, you are a loving spouse. As soon as you start paying off debt, you are a financial success. When you put on your tennies and start moving, you are an athlete. You are not called to do things perfectly. Just start doing them.  Each day it will become more natural and you will get better and better at it. Just make it to the end of the block. " Don't be afraid, just believe."

We are all survivors. Somedays it feels more true than others. Since we are surviving, how will we choose to live?

After my surgery, my dreams where I was running stopped. I honestly hadn't even noticed it until this week, when suddenly I awoke and realized that in my dream I was running again. Further and faster than ever before. I am a runner and I am a survivor. What will you be?

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