Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lies of Spies

Do you hear voices? Not the kinds that make you doubt your sanity. I am talking about the ones that make you doubt your future. Maybe they say to you that your relationship is beyond repair. Perhaps they say that your health will never be restored. They may tell you that you will always be alone, or that you will never reach your goal. The voices say you are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, wealthy enough...Do you have those voices?

I have been reading about the Israelites this week. They had been promised a land that would be a perfect home. A land that would be blessed for them.  As they approached this new land, they sent some spies ahead to gather more information. Were the people there strong or weak? Few or many? Was the land good or bad?  12 spies went.  They returned with news that the land truly was a good land, flowing with milk and honey. BUT... There is it. The voices begin to cast doubt. Ten of the spies were afraid. The people there are too strong! There are giants! The land will devour us! We are small as grasshoppers to them! We should not go. The lies of spies.

I wonder how many times we are right on the edge of what God wishes to bless us with, when we suddenly begin to listen to the voices of men, rather than God. We believe the lies of spies. Sometimes the spy that lies is our own inner voice of doubt. Sometimes it is the voice of fear. It might the voice of a well-meaning family member or friend. It might come from someone who is jealous of a new opportunity. The lies can come from an enemy, or a stranger. The lies of spies tell us we can't, we shouldn't, it is not possible. Believing the lies can rob us of our blessing.

Two of the twelve spies saw a different possibility. Although they saw the same giants and obstacles, they also remembered that God was with them. He had shown them miracles before and would do so again. God promised safe delivery if the Israelites would only believe. They refused to believe the voices of doubt and fear. They refused to believe the lies of spies. 

Sadly, the Israelites didn't have the same faith. As a result, they rebelled. They doubted. Their doubt led them back to the wilderness. Only Joshua and Caleb, the two spies who did not doubt God, were allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Do you listen to the lies of spies? Are they telling you that things will never get better? Do they tell you that you are not good enough? That God has forgotten you? Do they lie to you about who you are? Do the voices tell you that you will never reach the Promised Land so you might as well stay in proverbial Egypt?

Do not listen to the lies of spies.  God is big enough to lead you through the land of giant obstacles. He is strong enough to keep you from drowning in the Red Sea of life. He is compassionate enough to heal you in the desert of loneliness. He is merciful enough to feed you in the wilderness of fear.  The God who leads you through the desert is the God who will see you safely to the land He has promised you. Do not listen to the lies. Grab your bedroll and keep on moving. The Promised Land lies ahead! You don't want to miss this!

Do not listen to the lies of spies!

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  1. The serpent was a spy too. Even though Eve unequivocally knew what God had said, she still listened to the lying spy. Perhaps that is our nature.

    Even when we know what God's will is -- and we are less likely to know His will with the surety that Eve had -- do we tend to believe the lying spy?

    How does one discern the difference between the lying spy and God's will when His will is not so obvious? Paul asked 3 times for his thorn to be removed, but he had the discernment to hear when God told him "No, my grace is sufficient for you." When we lack that discernment, all we hear is silence, and perhaps the lie that God does not care.