Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day From Far Away

My poor dad. Raising three girls couldn't have possibly been easy. Perhaps that is why his hair is so white. Being the only man in a house of women involved late night runs to Circle S to buy four pair of pantyhose on Saturday nights, lifetime membership to Girl Scouts (yes, for him) and enduring 4 sets of mood swings on any given day. Dodging those must have been rougher than running the gauntlet! But before you feel too sorry for him, he did find ways to get a little revenge. If the man ever says, "Hold your sister's hands and touch this wire.", don't do it. I also wouldn't recommend sticking your tongue on a battery, but that is a different story. Today I am thinking about things I know because of my dad. This weekend is Father's Day and we are in Houston for more appointments and can't be with him to celebrate, but we don't have to be together for me to think of him--and thank him.

My daddy has always called me Dandy Andy.  Dandy, for short. I am his first born, and favorite (don't tell my sisters, they don't know that part).  My dad and I are very much alike. We can be a little feisty at times, love a good problem to solve, can be a little stubborn, and want to see people treated right. I have learned a lot of lessons from my dad over the years. Some serious, some funny, and some just good-to-know.
 I know that with bailing wire, duct tape and a Prince Albert can, you can fix most anything.
I know that if you wrap hot dogs in foil and set them on the engine of your car, you can drive around on a lazy Saturday  and they will be cooked when you are ready to eat.
I know that if you chew wheat, it turns to gum.
I know how fast a Fiat can really go on a dirt road when a kid is in the driver's seat for the first time. (He probably regretted that one.)
I know how fast a combine can stop. (Bet he regretted that one, too since he was standing up on it at the time.)
I know how to change a tire and oil in my car. I can even remove a radiator in a pinch.
I know it is never too late at night to call home for help.
I know that you should alway loan things without the expectation of getting them back. If it comes back, great. If it doesn't , it is okay because you didn't expect to anyway. (Sorry about that cowboy hat I borrowed as a prop, Dad. Oh, and the knife, too.)
I know that taking care of people who can't take care of themselves is important.
I know a good leader never stops learning how to be a good leader.
I know that God provides if you will just wait on him.
I know to be grateful for what I have.
I know to live one day at a time.
I know that if I am ever mistreated my dad will come to my defense. 
I know that love, forgiveness and grace are some of the best characteristics of God.
I know you just can't rush some things.
I know there is almost always more than one way to do things.
I know if you can't solve a problem, to walk away for a little bit and think of something else. It is amazing how often the answers will come to you then.
I know sometimes you have to let people learn things the hard way and that standing back and watching can be hard. 
I know serving God and others is always more important than serving yourself.
I know that being a parent doesn't stop when your kids are grown and that watching them struggle is never easy.

I know that my daddy would have gladly traded places with me during the past seven months fighting The Nuisance. I also know I wouldn't let him. He can't trade places with me, but he raised me well and taught me lessons that have helped me persevere through trial. I am grateful for my father. I am grateful for how he reflects my Heavenly Father.  I wish I could be with him to celebrate.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

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  1. My Dear Dandy,
    These are all things I learned from my Daddy, and our Heavenly Father.

    You are teaching them to my grandchildren.

    You will always be with me regatdless of distance and time and eternity.