Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally Friday---Fabulous!

Is there anything better than Friday?!?! How about a Friday when it is a little cold and drizzly outside and all you have on your agenda is to put on your cozy sweats and hangout out with your favorite people? That is a fabulous Friday in my book!
Friday is fantastic because you can look back on all you have finally finished during the week and look forward to a fun time with your family and friends!  Fridays make me happy!

May your fabulous Friday be fantastically filled with family, friends and fun!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hugs and Kisses this Valentine's Day!
I love...

my husband who lets me be me and loves me anyway

boys who giggle at night when they're supposed to be sleeping

my mother and father who live their lives generously and with great faith

my sisters who shared the magic of childhood and the reality of adulthood

my brothers-in-law who make up for the brothers I always wanted---without beating me up

my family of in-laws that spoil my children and love them to pieces

messing with my nieces and nephews (yes, I am that crazy aunt)

friends who make me laugh until my side hurts

my community that surrounds my family with positive values

my country where I am free

a career that makes a difference in the world (and in my life) and co-workers who make it fun

my God who is the giver of every good and perfect gift!

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope it is filled with love!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Days

Don't you love days when God says, "Slow down and relax. This one is on me."? Snow days are just those kinds of days. It is as if everything is forced to come to a screeching halt and all your obligations are set aside to be replaced by rest, laughter, playing, reading and all those other things that you have pushed aside for too long. Suddenly your To Do list becomes reorganized and priorities shift from what you have to do to what you get to do.
Just the physical beauty of such days makes me stop for a moment and take notice of the blessings around me. Each snowflake, so intricate, falls slowly to the ground. It is peaceful to watch and I begin to relax. As I think of the detail of each flake it is amazing to me that the creator takes time to manufacture each one individually even though they will only last such a brief time. I consider my life. He took that kind of care and more in the creation and design of my life, yet unlike the snowflake I am pressured to rush through life before it all melts away. I think I'll use some of this snow day to slow down and remember the things that matter. I will be grateful for my amazing family, be thankful for some time to be still, and curl up and relax. This one is on God!