Monday, May 20, 2013

A Cinderella Tale

Remember the story of Cinderella? She was a girl, deeply loved by her father. By all accounts she was privileged and well cared for until her mother died and her father remarried. Her new step-mother and wicked step-sisters were eaten alive by jealously towards towards Cinderella. They did everything in their power to put her down and steal what was rightfully hers. Ever known someone who couldn't stand to see things go right for others? They are willing to lie, cheat, even steal, to ruin something they are jealous of. Boy, do I know someone like that.

These past twelve days have been filled with answered prayer, miracles and kindness.  I have been Cinderella--privileged and cared for. My  surgery went better than anyone, especially the doctors, anticipated. My recovery in the hospital was described as phenomenal. I came  home earlier than we dreamed. Our needs were met in every way! I have seen the hand of God and experienced His love, but there is a jealous  little liar trying to spoil my ball. Like the wicked step-mother, Satan has tried to create doubt, fear, and anxiety to steal the joy, peace and confidence that I have been given by my Father. He is whispering lies about the size of my problems. He is casting shadows on my future. He seeks to make me worry over my family, my finances, my feelings, my health.  He is so jealous of my Father's love  for me that he is willing to do most anything to make me doubt it, to cast a cloud over my sunshine in order to make me forget the blessings I have received. He wants me to doubt the very love of my Father even though it has been so clearly demonstrated. 

Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella's father? I don't remember reading his fate. He is just absent.  Did he die? Leave on business? Go for milk and never come home? Most versions do not say. What we know is that most likely he wasn't present or he wouldn't have allowed his daughter to be mistreated like she was. This is where my story, and yours, is very different from that of Cinderella. Our Father never leaves us, but sometimes we get so distracted by the lies of the wicked one that we forget who our Father is and what He has done. It seems we are especially susceptible to this attack following a close encounter with God. 

That is where I found myself today. I have so much to be grateful for, but the wicked liar distracted me with problems, doubts and fears. I have to reclaim my heritage. Regardless of what the wicked little liar wishes me to believe, my Father loves me and is just as in control of my life this week as He was last week. He never leaves me and works all things for my good. Just as the wicked step-sisters were unsuccessful in keeping Cinderella from her prince, this wicked liar will be unsuccessful at keeping me from my King. I will not be distracted by the tedious reality of everyday life.  I will dance at this ball! I will live happily ever after-- and that is no fairy tale.


  1. Hang in there Anna! I've been where you are. Love you and love your writings!!!

  2. I have been prayerfully waiting for this news, Anna! All praise to our gentle, gracious and generous Father! --- Much love, Kristy