Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Impossible: Your stories

I love to start a lazy Saturday morning with a mug of Pumpkin Spice coffee and my computer. Quietly catching up on the news of the world and my Facebook friends usually gets my day off to a relaxing start, but today I found so much sadness. There were typhoons, murders, loss of loved ones, missing children, financial troubles, and all sorts of mayhem. I found myself thinking how sad the world has become and thinking how impossible it seems to overcome all the obstacles that exist. It made me remember a post I put on my Facebook page a few months ago. I posted this picture of ants and asked people to tell me about a struggle they had faced that had seemed to big to overcome. The responses were nothing short of inspirational--true stories of Overcomers.
Are you facing the impossible? Struggling beneath a burden that you don't think you are strong enough to bear? So were my friends. As you read their stories, watch for the commonalities. Their struggles were different, but their victories have a common thread. I am touched by their tales of triumph. They bring me hope! Read each one and be encouraged!

"What is something big that you never thought you could do, but then discovered you could?" Here are their unedited replies:

·         Be a parent to a difficult child!

·         Be away from my hubby for so long while I was in a different state helping with grandbabies.

·         Graduate high school.

·         Get my Masters degree in Education.

·         Getting a divorce and starting over by getting my Masters degree at the same time.

·         Many years ago, riding to the top of the Skylon Tower in a glass-enclosed exterior elevator so that my family could eat at the revolving restaurant looking over Niagra Falls.

·         Learning no matter what my childhood was or my chronic health issues are, I have a lot to offer and give and I am worth loving!

·         I went back to school after age 40, made straight As, and then ended up becoming a principal. All were totally God things!

·         Be blessed with the return of my voice after living almost a year without no more than a whisper. This blessing prompted my return to Wayland to complete my degree and I am now one six weeks into my eighteenth year of teaching second grade. Sure am thankful for God’s plans for me!

·         I didn’t think I could handle all of the business, family, and other issues that fell in my lap after my mom died, and it turned out that I really couldn’t handle all of those things- BUT GOD held my hand and handled all of it in such an amazing way!

·         Leading the Children’s Ministry at our church.

·         I buried my youngest child.

·         Walk again.

·         Find joy after a devastating year of burying my sister, a divorce and depression, with 2 babies to take care of and working full time. Jesus was, and still is my rock!

·         Being a single parent. I regret some decisions I made, but we both survived. God is good.

·         Raising a child with special needs. She and her sister are the joy of my life. I learn from her every day.

·         Learning to feel hope again after Jacob (son) died, knowing that God never left me and He did have great plans for me. He waited for me to stand up again and blessed me with two more children that I am thankful every day for.

·         I never thought I could live 11 months alone without my husband. I have learned to fix things in the house. I mow, weed eat, and edge the yard. I work my three jobs and take care of it all. When Michael passed away, I really did not think I could go on without him.

·         Having hope and faith to continue fertility treatment even after many losses and voices telling me to stop. And accepting I have no control. And somehow I was blessed with a miraculous gift that I do not deserve, nor do I take for granted.

·         Surviving the loss of my best friend and husband and the fear of living alone thanks to many colleagues, friends, family, and God’s love and faithfulness.

·         Staring a life on my own after a divorce of a 20 year marriage and learning to love and honor myself along the way. And best of all…falling in love all over again with Jesus.

·         Never thought I would be a very good mom. But I have two amazing adult children. I love them both so very much.

·         Single motherhood, and cancer top my list, but many times its is little things that my worry causes to feel like big things…every time He’s here…EVERY TIME! So blessed!

·         There is a list of bigger-than-me things God has enabled me through. Each one felt impossible. Each time HIS mercy proved greater than my fear. They’re part of my God-history…faith encouraging faith! I am so grateful!

·         I didn’t think I could carry on after my son Brynn was killed. But I knew my God was bigger than my problem. Ants carry things so much larger than their size and weight. But they don’t let that fact stop them because God created them to be achievers that overcome obstacles. Every day we are faced with some obstacle to overcome, whether it be small or large. Habits, conflicts, strife or death of our loved ones---God created us to be achievers as well. We just have to focus on Him and take his hand and walk on water (the impossible) with him.

·         This is not something I had to overcome, but I know God prepared me for. I had always been an exerciser, but never had done weight training. I kept being more and more convicted that I needed to be weight training. I hated the thought of it, but did it anyway and really liked it. After a while, I was asked to take on a ministry at our church of home repairs for those who couldn’t afford it. I would have to be on a roof for two days. I never got sore. I know I could never have done it if God hadn’t prepared me before hand for something I never imagined I would be doing.

·         Having a child in high school and not knowing what road to take for my future. Now I have a son in college who amazes me! I myself am going to get my masters! I have taken us down many paths, but God’s love never fails! I am blessed!
Let’s just say God has carried me more than I have walked! I have many blessings that have grown from those hard times, like watching my daughter go through chemo.

·         Being a single working mom with no family her and being able to raise my boys alone. God is with us every second, He protects us and blesses us beyond what I ever dreamed, but there are moments I feel like that ant.

·         WOW…I would have to say two divorces and starting over twice. Having threats on my life from the first divorce. Being a single mom with a daughter and having a virus that attacked my muscles then a stroke a month later that put me on food stamps with a 7th grader. That left me with a left sided weakness to deal with. With God’s help I kept pushing and went back to work. I was able to get a college degree. God is good!

Did you see it? Over and over the one thing that got them through was not their own strength, but God's. I am a personal testimony to that as well! The world is filled with impossibilities. We are faced with challenges that are way too big, but we don't have to do it alone. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Phillipians 4:14. "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Romans 8:37 We can overcome because God gives us strength. Are you facing "The Impossible"?  The word alone reveals its lie. When you are faced with "The Impossible" read it this way, " I'm Possible". God can see you through!

 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and He will make your path straight."
 Proverbs 3:5-6

Special thanks to: Kit Buckner, Connie Durhan, Jana Dulaney, Kenny Border, Anita Young, Cheryl McNight, Vicki Talafuse, Cindy Andrews, Sarah Masten, Mary Katherine Fairbanks, Renee Alley, Veronica Harris, Karen Caballero, Terri Nichols, Dana Davis, Cheri Ray, Leigh Corbin, Amanda Freeman, Edwina Townsend, Kristy Harrist, Becky Black, Brenda Lathan, Jane Furlow, D'Ann McGuire, Darla Stidham, Stacey Rogers, Linda Crisp
Thank you for sharing your victories!

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