Friday, January 18, 2013

Jesus in a Pink Sweater

Recording the little things that happen each day during this journey has become a way for me to remember that I am blessed. They are not stories about me, but of people and actions that have touched me. Jesus in a pink sweater is one of those tales.

I was in the hospital for the eighth day. I had been moved from ICU to a regular room. It was so good to be able to shower, but I was unable to lift my arms to fix my hair. A sweet nurse had braided my wet locks for me the previous two days, but on this day she was not on duty, so I sat in my bed with the prior day's slept-in braid, no make-up, my healing scar peaking over the neck of my designer (not) hospital gown. 

My husband, father and another guest sat visiting with me, when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an elderly lady in a pink sweater walk past my open door. She said something to herself as she walked by and then turned back around to step into my doorway. She said, "Honey, you are too young and beautiful to be in this hospital. " A nurse that had entered the room said, "She is beautiful, isn't she?" and continued with her duties. I felt like looking around to see who they were talking about. I was anything but beautiful. I wouldn't use the term beautiful on my very best day, much less on this one.

The lady in pink asked me when I would get to go home.  I replied that I hoped the following day. She looked me in the eye and said, "I am going to be praying for a long and healthy life for you." With that, she turned and left my room. Her surprise visit touched my soul. It was very obvious to me that she saw something I couldn't see.  She saw me the way my father (earthly and heavenly) sees  me. I felt as though Jesus had just stepped into my room to tell me how he sees me. He doesn't see the scars, his are greater. He doesn't see the hair and make-up. He knows they aren't what make a person beautiful. He sees his child and he loves her. He thinks she is beautiful. He intercedes on my behalf and I truly believe he asks his Father for me to have a long and healthy life. I saw Jesus that day. He was wearing a pink sweater.

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  1. God sends his angels in many forms to help us when we need it the most!